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COVID-19 2023 Update

We are following all current Covid-19 standards and regulations and will ensure we are up-to-date for your tour with us this season. 

Vaccination passports and masks are no longer mandatory, however you may, of course, wear a mask if that is your preference. 

With the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic I would like to assure all guests of the recent adaptations and safety protocols I, as owner and operator, will follow in order to ensure the safest environment in which to enjoy fine wines and vines during your tour.

  • Grape Savvy Wine Tours will be limiting tours to one associated group per booking, with a maximum of 14 guests per group.

  • The Grape Savvy Bus will be fully cleaned and sanitized prior to the pickup of any passengers.

  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be available and masks will be provided but optional when traveling between wineries on the bus.

  • No consumption of open food or beverages on the bus

Thank you so much for your understanding. I can't wait to get Grape Savvy with you this season! 

~ Savvy  xx

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