Savvy Experience

Get ready to get Grape Savvy on  our Savvy Experience Tour

During the booking process you will choose 4 of our partner wineries to visit on your day. Visit our Partners page to learn about some of our partner wineries and the types of wine in which they specialize. 



Guests will be picked up at their preferred Penticton location between 10:00am and 10:45am and will be chauffeured to the first of the 4 exclusive tasting locations by 11:00am. Guests arrive to a table, chairs, their personal Grape Savvy wine glass, and note pad for their tasting notes.

We will arrive at our second tasting location at 12:15pm. We will have lunch here around 1:30pm. 

2:45pm will see us at our third tasting location.


We will be arriving at our fourth and final tasting location at 4:00pm.


Guests will be dropped off at their chosen locations in Penticton between 5:00 - 5:30pm.

For each of the 4 selected wines at each of the 4 tasting locations, guests will learn a basic systematic approach to tastings. We will begin with an appearance assessment where we will assess the color of the wine. Next will be the aroma assessment; one of the greatest pleasures of wine tasting is their aromas - learning about their intensity and the development of primary, secondary and tertiary notes. Each guest will have a chart of basic wine aromas to help assist them in olfactory recognition. To finish, proper palate assessment of the wine will be conducted, where guests will learn about flavor intensity, sweetness, acidity, tannins, body and flavor characteristics.


The Particulars:


Your tour includes:

·         Pick up and drop off at all hotels, campgrounds, residential and Airbnb location between Okanagan Falls and                       Summerland.

·         Comfortable, air-conditioned tour van.

·         Educational wine assessment of four

          wines per winery.

·         Four winery visits per day.

·         Catered lunch and 4oz glass of wine.

·         Refreshments and snacks throughout.

·         Take home Grape Savvy wine glass.

·         Tasting note pad and Grape Savvy pen.

·         A one of a kind experience.

·         Leaving with knowledge and confidence in wine tasting.


Total all-inclusive price $179.00 CAD (Friday-Sunday)

                                          $159.00 CAD (Monday- Thursday)

Please Note

  • Online bookings must be 48 hours in advance.

  • If you wish to book within the 48 hours, please call us directly  1-250-460-1242​, or email us at

  • Grape Savvy Tour season begins April 10th, 2021 .

  • In order to adhere to social distancing regulations, we are currently limited to one associated group per tour/

    Due to Covid-19 we have a minimum  day charge of $399.00.


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